In The Vacuum Coating Industry, How To Control The Flow Rate Of Argon?

- Jan 07, 2021-

In the vacuum coating industry, how to control the flow rate of argon?

The gas used to adjust the pressure during coating is as follows: argon gas is only used to adjust the pressure, the primary pressure can be ignored, but the secondary pressure is less than 0.5 atmosphere. So is nitrogen, mainly because if it is too large, it will cause the pressure in the vacuum chamber to change too dramatically, leading to errors. If the ion source is used, the intake of argon gas should not be too large, which will lead to too large ion amount and burn the parts. There's no difference between pressure and that.

cutting blade coating machineAny solid material in the atmosphere will dissolve and absorb some of the gas, when the material is placed in a vacuum will be due to desorption, analysis of the gas. The rate of exhalation is proportional to the amount of gas in the material. Different materials resolve the gas composition and resolve the temperature and time are different.
Various pumps to different components of the gas pumping rate is not the same. When vacuuming, the atmosphere in the container is first taken away (this part of the gas is quickly taken away, and the gas in the furnace is basically drained at 10-1pa), then the gas desorbed on the surface of the material, the gas diffused from the inside of the material to the surface, and the gas permeated into the vacuum through the wall of the vessel. Therefore, after the goods enter the furnace, it is necessary to carry out thermal degassing, because the goods will absorb some impurity gases before entering the furnace, we will let these gases resolve the surface of the goods through proper heating. Take stainless steel for example, in addition to the adsorption on its surface of the gas, in the process of continuous heating and heat preservation inside the steel will also precipitation some of the gas, the presence of these gases often have a greater impact on the purity and color of the film, film adhesion is also a great impact.
Therefore, the vacuum coating machine coating, the quality of the film, gas is a key role, is an indispensable step in the coating process.

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