HUAWEI P30 Series

- Mar 26, 2019-

HUAWEI P30 Series

France. Paris  26thMar.14:00

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Huawei will hold a new product launch event of huawei P30 series in Paris at 21:00 on March 26, Beijing time, and release models of huawei P30 Pro and huawei P30. Since huawei launched its partnership with leica in the P9 generation, the P series has become a byword for huawei's most powerful camera phone. Now, let me sort out the leaks for you about what the camera revolution might bring to our flagship camera phone, the P30.



Finally, let's take a look at the selling price. According to the foreign media, the P30 starts at 750 euros (5,718 yuan), while the Pro version starts at 930 euros (7,091 yuan) and can reach up to 1,030 euros (7,853 yuan).




Since an OLED screen is used and there is no 3D structured light, it should be possible to use an off-screen fingerprint. As for whether the ultrasound or the optical fingerprint was used, the information is not clear at this time. There are two versions. But I prefer the optical fingerprint. After all, the ultrasonic fingerprint is qualcomm's patent solution, huawei is not very likely to use.




According to the leaked parameters, the huawei P30 has a built-in 3650mAh battery and the P30 Pro has a built-in 4200mAh battery. Judging by the Mate's performance, the battery configuration is adequate.




In addition to the hardware updates, based on the outgoing information, the P30's 40 megapixel and 8 megapixel lenses have OIS optical stabilization. In this way, huawei's shortcomings in video shooting will be further supplemented. In addition to the three optical lenses, the huawei P30 Pro is said to have a TOF lens, which is used to gather depth of field information. In addition to rendering, more depth of field information also means more gameplay, such as motion games.


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In addition to the main photo, the P30's 8 million zoom lens is also a highlight. According to the exposure information, this lens adopts a latent optical structure, which can achieve 5 times optical zoom, 10 times lossless zoom and 50 times digital zoom.Previously, someone on Yotube released a promotional video shot with a mobile phone. Although it did not reveal what kind of mobile phone it was, it was probably huawei P30 Pro.From video content, the phone features a night shot and zoom, and from the timing of video's release, the huawei P30 is the most likely model.If the huawei P30 is really as demonstrated in video, the P30 will be released as the P20, with strong photo taking power and fresh gameplay to once again revolutionize the rules of mobile phone photo taking.The huawei P series will also hold the throne as the benchmark product for photo taking in the mobile phone industry.Leading the trend of mobile phone photography.



The huawei P30 will adopt the post-four-shot scheme this time. The four lenses are a 40 megapixel main lens, an 8 megapixel zoom lens, a 20 megapixel 120 degree wide Angle lens and a ToF lens. According to the previous news, the 40 million yuan main photo will use the new IMX650 CMOS, and use red, yellow, yellow and blue (RYYB) pixel array, and output 10 million pictures after four in one. However, there is more than one source of information. There is also a saying that huawei P30 will adopt the 38 megapixel IMX607. This CMOS also adopts the 1/1.8 inch outsole CMOS and adopts the double bayer HDR pixel array, which not only enhances the HDR function. Of course, it is possible to continue to use IMX600, after all, this CMOS has been used for a year, the optimization potential has not yet been tapped.




In terms of performance, the huawei P30 will still adopt the kirin 980, which is nothing to say. It is huawei's old tradition. According to the parameters exposed by foreign media, huawei P30/P30 Pro is equipped with 8GB 128GB/256GB/512GB three storage specifications, and also supports NM micro storage extension.

p303 13:562019-03-22

According to twitter whistleblower Teme, the P30 Pro has a 6.47-inch curved screen and the P30 has a 6.1-inch straight screen with a resolution of 2340*1080. Despite the Revelations, the 6.47-inch P30 Pro is more likely to have a 2K screen, based on huawei's previous 2K OLED display on the Mate 20 Pro. As for screen suppliers, the possibility of huawei adopting boe OLED screen is very high without samsung's top OLED screen.



Judging from the images that have been exposed in the past, the huawei P30 will have a popular water drop screen design and will not use an open aperture screen similar to the samsung S10, which may be related to the supply of samsung's open AMOLED screen. After all, no other screen maker currently has a perforated OLED screen, except samsung. Although domestic manufacturers already have LCD screens with holes in them, as huawei's double flagship, the use of LCD screens is obviously not enough to look at.


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