Huawei And OPPO Are Scrambling To Adopt 3D Glass Gradient Technology!

- Mar 14, 2019-

Huawei and OPPO are scrambling to adopt 3D glass gradient technology!



1. What is 3D glass gradient

What is 3D glass?

The glass cover used in digital products is divided into 2D glass, 2.5d glass and 3D glass. 2D glass is plain glass without any curved design. 2.5d glass is flat in the middle, but curved at the edges. And the 3D screen, whether it is the middle or the edge of the arc design.


The special features of 3D curved glass meet the design requirements of 3C products. 3D products such as smart phones, smart watches, tablet computers, wearable smart products and dashboards have emerged in 3C product design, which has clearly guided the development direction of 3D curved glass. 3 d surface glass thin, transparent, clean, fingerprint resistant, anti glare, hard, scratch resistance, weather resistance, etc, can make a 3 d shape has a special product design novelty in shape and appearance and texture, and can increase arc edge touch function brings good touch feeling, wireless charging function, and can solve the antenna arrangement of space and strengthen the function of reception, make our products more beautiful and wonderful, product design differentiation can make consumers more favour.

What is a gradient?


A gradient is a change in the color of an object from light to dark, from dark to light, or from one color to another slowly, full of mysterious and romantic changes. When the design appears smooth (the gradient gives a sense of flow), people feel psychologically safe. The gradual change of color can make our design improve the aesthetic feeling, render the atmosphere, and also help us to attract more users' eyeballs.

Gradient has always been popular in the design field. Many of the logos and ICONS of technology companies we are familiar with, such as Instagram, iTunes, taobao and Meituan, have adopted the gradient design.


3D glass gradient

3D glass gradient is mainly used in 3C products, especially in the field of mobile phones. With the popularity of double glass and metal frame, 3D back cover decoration technology needs constant innovation. The existing decoration process is mainly to carry out silk printing of coating film on decoration explosion-proof film, and then to achieve decorative effect by fitting with 3D glass. The appearance decoration is mainly achieved by matching the texture of explosion-proof film and the color of coating film. The gradient effect can be achieved through a variety of ways, including: printing, transfer printing, vacuum coating, spraying, etc. Due to the technical bottleneck, there are two main ways for mass production of 3D glass gradient: printing and vacuum coating.


The gradient effect can be roughly divided into the same color gradient, adjacent color gradient, contrast color gradient. The selection of gradient colors is less restrictive to the printing process and offers a wider range of options. Printing process can choose the corresponding color and the corresponding range of color belt for printing, to achieve a more diversified color impact effect, to meet the designer's different needs of color changing; As a high-end mobile phone will choose the vacuum coating decoration process, for the gradient decoration effect can also achieve a dream smooth effect, but the color change will have certain restrictions.


The gradual change of vacuum coating can only follow the change law of color spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, which is difficult to realize the color span. Of course, some designers will also achieve more diversified gradual change effect through the superposition of other processes.

2. Gradient application effect

In addition to the already familiar bangs and leica triple lens, the P20 Pro also features a purple and green gradient design, which not only USES bold colors, but also has a more natural two-tone gradient than the dazzling glass used in last year's glory 9.


However, huawei P20 is not the first phone to adopt the gradient design this year. OPPO R15's dream mirror red and star purple colors also adopt the gradient design. Compared with the renderings, huawei P20 Pro is more inclined to match colors, while OPPO R15 is mainly reflected in the light and shade changes of colors.


Some mobile phone shell factory also applied the process of electroplating gradient, mainly the same color system gradient.


3. Process flow

printing technology:


vacuum coating technology:


4. process difficulties

Difficulties in gradient process of printing:

1. There is a sense of granularity. If the printing ink is not delicate enough, it will present larger particles, which will reduce the sense of product hierarchy and appear relatively cheap;

2. The color is not enough, there will be a heavy sense of paint, reducing the glittering and translucent texture of the glass.


The realization of gradient in vacuum coating process is mainly determined by the thickness of the optical film deposited on the substrate surface. The key to the realization of gradient is to realize the smooth change of the thickness of the film on the same glass substrate. At present, the main production process is to achieve gradient by designing the fixture and changing the correction board, but there are still no major difficulties in mass production:

1. There is a sequence limit for the colors of the gradient, which can not realize the great-leap-type gradient;

2. If the workpiece rotates in the coating machine, if the design fixture tilts, there will be turbulence phenomenon, which will lead to the film layer deposition thickness cannot achieve stable change, and it is difficult to achieve consistency between the glass production changes;

3. It is difficult to guarantee the consistent range of the region corresponding to each color of the gradient, and it is difficult to achieve accurate deposition of the film layer deposited on the surface of the rotating workpiece under the vacuum condition, resulting in deviation of each color range.

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