How To Use And Maintain The Multi - Arc Magnetic Control Vacuum Coating Machine

- Apr 08, 2019-

How to use and maintain the multi - arc magnetic control vacuum coating machine


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The working principle of vacuum coating machine is arc discharge and glow discharge in vacuum state. The surface of metal and non-metal workpiece is plated with gold titanium nitride, black titanium carbide, colorful titanium nitride, etc. Also can be plated anti-corrosion film (such as AL,Cr stainless steel and TiN, etc.) and wear-resistant film, film layer and the base of the firm combination, suitable for watches, hardware tableware, ceramics and grinding ultra-hard tool, mold, etc., with a good prospect for development.


Key points for use and maintenance of multi-arc magnetic control coating machine:

Before use, all power switches and operation buttons should be in the disconnected position to connect water, air and power.

1) turn on the vacuum control power switch.

2) open the maintenance pump to lower the vacuum of the diffusion pump, and measure the pre-stage vacuum degree.

3) open the diffusion pump for heating after the pressure of the first stage reaches 5.0*10pa.

4) open the charging valve, inflate the coating chamber, open the coating chamber door, install the clean workpiece, and close the furnace door.

5) after the diffusion pump works normally for one hour, open the mechanical pump, open the pre-pumping valve, and manually vacuum the vacuum chamber to 1.0*103pa, then the Cairo pump.

6) when the pressure reaches 3.0*10pa, close the pre-pumping valve and open the front valve. Open high valve, high vacuum on the coating chamber.

7) when the vacuum chamber pressure reaches 8*10-3pa, start working and rotating, and start heating to the set value.

8) start the coating operation procedure.

9) end of coating operation procedure.

10) lower the furnace temperature to below 100oC, open the furnace door of the charging valve to take out the workpiece, and clean the furnace before each furnace is used.

11) after one working cycle, vacuum cleaner should be used to clean the dust in the coating room to avoid short circuit or pollution of the vacuum system.

12) after a period of time to remove the baffle for cleaning.