How To Maintain The Optical Vacuum Coating Equipment

- Apr 13, 2019-

How to maintain the optical vacuum coating equipment


Optical vacuum coating equipment maintenance should do? Optical vacuum coating equipment maintenance how to start, we will discuss together.


First,Optical vacuum coating equipment maintenance, regular maintenance of vacuum evaporation coating machine diffusion pump oil, because the diffusion pump in the high temperature start for a long time, after the use of residual oxygen on his damage is very big, so often sampling and replacement.


Second,It is mechanical pump oil next, maintain pump oil to be in after using two months, oily meeting produces change, need changes in time. The oil may be pumped with water, impurities, and other factors, making the oil less viscous and the vacuum reduced.


Third, if it is a new equipment, it should be replaced in the first half month of use, because in the running-in period, there are more iron powder in the oil, which will aggravate the wear, in the use of optical coating machine for a month or so, because of the inhalation of a lot of gas, the exhaust will be slower and slower, the working efficiency will be lower and lower. At this time, the workroom and the machine should be cleaned for the lining board. If there are parts that need to be removed, sand paper can be used for polishing and cleaning.


Last,It should be noted that the lining board must be dried after the water can be installed, the vacuum chamber with a vacuum cleaner all the dust is cleaned in the work!


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