How To Maintain The Optical Vacuum Coating Equipment

- Feb 18, 2019-

How to maintain the optical vacuum coating equipment


Optical vacuum coating equipment is mainly composed of vacuum coating machine room, vacuum pump set limit and electric cabinet (control cabinet, electron gun armature), which is widely used in microelectronics, optical film, civil decoration, surface engineering and other fields. Optical vacuum coating equipment has excellent performance in preventing oil pollution and shortening working period.


The working principle of optical vacuum coating equipment is to use electron beam to heat metal or non-metal materials to proper temperature under high vacuum, and then the materials will evaporate into vapor molecules. Its average free path is larger than the distance from the evaporating source to the evaporating substrate, and the evaporating vapor molecules shoot in all directions and deposit on the surface of the substrate to form a wax layer.


Precision optical vacuum coating equipment in the maintenance of what maintenance measures, the following content we will understand.


I. periodically replace the diffusion pump oil


Vacuum coating machine diffusion pump oil use for a period of time, about two months two classes: because in the long-term high temperature environment, although the higher vacuum when starting the diffusion pump, but still residual oxygen and other components and diffusion pump oil reaction, diffusion pump oil in high temperature may also produce cracking, so that its quality decline, and extend the pumping time. It should be replaced when we think the time has been extended too much.


, vacuum pump

Vacuum coating machine mechanical pump oil, oil maintenance in the use of two months, the oil quality will change. The oil may be pumped with water, impurities and other reasons, so the viscosity of the oil becomes worse and the vacuum drops. Therefore, it needs to be replaced. If it is a new equipment, it should be replaced in the first half month of use, because in the running-in period, the oil contains more iron powder, which will aggravate the wear and tear.


. Cleanliness and hygiene

Clean the vacuum coating equipment and surrounding environment regularly, keep the equipment clean inside and outside, and tidy the surrounding environment of the vacuum coating equipment to ensure a good working environment for safety.


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