How Does Vacuum Coating Process Get Bright Silver Layer

- May 07, 2018-

There are several ways to get bright silver coating as follow:

1. Brush up

After ordinary silver plating, the surface of the part is uniform and crystallized, but it is not shiny. Only the surface of the part is brushed with a copper brush or a Copper wire wheel to obtain a bright silver layer.

2. Pulse silver plating

Silver plating with pulse power supply or periodic reversing power supply, compared with ordinary silver plating, the obtained coating is not only crystallized and dense, but also has a dense coating layer. The dispersion ability and the deep plating ability are all better than ordinary silver plating, and the gloss coating can also be obtained without the use of brightener.

3. Bright silver plating

Whether it is cyanide silver plating or non-cyanide silver plating, as long as the appropriate additives and brighteners are added, not only will the whole bright silver coating be obtained, but also the plating is more meticulous, the reflective performance is good, and the dispersion ability and deep plating ability of the plating solution are also improved. By adding additives, various kinds of coatings with different properties can also be obtained, such as semi-bright plating, full bright plating and improve the welding quality of the coating, increase the hardness and wear resistance of the coating. 

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