How To Get A Bright Silver Layer In PVD Coating Process?

- Mar 17, 2018-

There are several methods to get a shiny silver coating:

◆ Brushing Process

After ordinary silver plating, the layer is uniform and crystallization is delicate on the surface of the part, but the coating is not shiny. Only after brushing process by copper wire brush or brass brush wheels, the coating will be bright and shiny.

◆ Pulsed silver plating

Adopting pulsed power supply or periodic commutation power supply for silver plating, the coating will have uniform layer structure, delicate crystal, good dispersing power and covering power compared with ordinary silver plating. And a shiny silver plating layer can be obtained without using brightener.

◆ Brightener silver plating

Whether cyanide silver plating or non-cyanide silver plating, as long as adding appropriate additives and brighteners, the coating is very bright and shiny. Besides, this shiny silver coating is more detailed with good reflective performance, and its dispersing power and covering power are also improved. It is also possible to obtain a variety of coatings with different properties, such as semi-bright coating and full bright coating by adding additives.

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