How To Control The Color Of PVD Vacuum Coating Machine

- May 09, 2019-

How to control the color of the PVD vacuum coating machine


Vacuum coating knowledge - color





Principle of operation of the vacuum coating: Physical Vapor Deposition (Physical Vapor Deposition, PVD) technology under the condition of vacuum, said by Physical method, the material source, the solid or the liquid surface gasification into gaseous atoms, molecules or partial ionization ion, and through the low pressure gas (or plasma) process, on the surface of the matrix Deposition has some special features of thin film technology.


But is that too complicated?
Simple, let's look at the picture!


Through the figure above you can easily understand the simple process of vacuum coating, so everyone will ask, we are not to say color? Where's the color? How did it come about?" Dont hurry, IKS PVD  next for everyone.


1. How does color come into being?

In the high vacuum and high-temperature furnace, adding different gases and combining with the emitted ions can form different colors, and then the changed ions deposit on the surface of the product to form a dense film layer. If N2 is added, the plating color is gold. Add C H, the color is black; Add O2, and the color will be colorful and blue. If join N2 and C H, color can be rose aureate to wait a moment, so the color is all sorts of gas and the effect that ion crosses each other to produce!



(Ar, silver)


(N2, Gold)


(C2H2, Black)


(O2, Rainbow)


(O2, Blue)


(N2+C2H2, Rose)


(N2+C2H2, Bronze)


2. How to control chroma?

And you might wonder, why do some of the same gases have two different colors? The combination of gas and ion is the color of the whole color system, but the depth and change of color are also affected by the pressure and time, usually, in direct proportion to the trend, the high pressure of a long time is deep, low pressure of short time is shallow.









Different colors of the film not only improve the appearance of the product, in the high temperature, high pressure and high cleanliness of the production environment, the use of green environmental protection materials, so the product is beautiful, safe and environmental protection.


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