How PVD Coating Give A Competitive Edge To Your Mold

- Oct 06, 2018-

How PVD coating give a competitive edge to your mold


1. PVD coatings are important to creating long-lasting, accurate, and efficient molding and components

2. The layer of metals is ultra-thin – we’re talking 2 – 3 micron range – so your mold can be finished in its final size before the coating is applied.

3. PVD coatings will reduce friction, rise the lubricity of mold.

4. Rise the run out cycle of mold, reduce costs for you and your customers.

5. We know that molds are expensive to manufacture. The application of the proper hard coating can extend the lifetime of your expensive mold assembly, thus eliminating machine downtime and mold rebuilding.

6. With a PVD coating will also help to distinguish you from your competitors because you can offer the much-desired benefits of increased speed, increased uptime, and consistent production.



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