How Does The Gradient Color Made Out?

- May 27, 2019-

How does the gradient color made out?


Now, there are a lot of different phones released every year, but the design, the hardware, the features are getting closer. With the development of smart phones, it is becoming more and more difficult to innovate or break through in functions. So manufacturers began to make a fuss about appearance. In the first half of this year, huawei released the huawei P20 Pro, which has a gradient design.


The glow is so pleasing to the eye that the design has generated a strong reaction online. There are a number of other phones out there with aurora-colored, gradient cases like this.
So today xiaobian to tell you about the things about the gradient phone.
First question: was the gradient design invented by huawei?
Not really.


It may be hard to believe: the first phone to use this gradient design was released 10 years ago! The model is nokia 6600 Fold. The phone, which graduated from dark red to light red to white at the top, was hailed as "the most beautiful flip phone" back then.


Even in the smartphone era, huawei's P20 Pro isn't the first to take the plunge.


In September 2017, OPPO R11 king of glory custom edition adopted the red and blue gradient design. This was followed in October by the Nubian Z17 mini's Aegean blue version, which also USES a gradient design. However, due to the limited number of customized versions of OPPO R11 for the glory of Kings, and the insufficient influence of Nubia Z17 mini, they are not as influential as huawei P20 released this year. As a result, many would argue that the huawei P20 is the innovator in gradient design.


This year, with the development and maturity of the technology, the use of gradient design more and more.In addition to the aforementioned models, there are OPPO R15 dream red/star purple, vivo X21 phantom night purple, glory 10 phantom color, lenovo Z5 aurora color, xiaomi Mix 3, OPPO Z1, huawei nova 3, OPPO Find X, OPPO R17, etc.Almost all of the flagship phones have a gradient version. We can predict that in the future, there will be more and more mobile phones with gradient color and aurora color, and it is likely that they will gradually appear in the mid - and low-end thousand yuan phones, just like the new technologies such as dual photography and full screen.


The 2nd problem: such dreamy effect, how to make come?


There are many ways to do this. In general, divided into six different methods, which involves a lot of professional technology, small make up today just give you a brief introduction.


PVD (physical vapor deposition)

Simply put, this method is the first specific solid material high temperature gasification into molecules, and then spray onto the fuselage, due to the different thickness of the spray, in optical interference, diffraction, etc., the fuselage will show a different color!


The huawei P20 USES this process.


OPPO R17 has made a breakthrough in the decoration of the cover plate, with the gradient of flowing blue and neon purple. A cover plate after a number of complex procedures, to achieve a variety of color superposition, the body can be sensitive to the changes in light, to achieve a smooth color gradient effect, showing a rich multi-color light effect, different angles can see different light effects.



FIG. OPPO R17, gradient blue, neon purple

In 2018, the gradient process will enter the hot stage, and OPPO will introduce new products on the gradient of the new machine. The rapid development of 3C electronics industry, the major brands in the fierce market competition, are eager to have a place in the industry. Therefore, in the face of rapidly updated brands, fierce competition in the market environment, and constantly changing consumer demand, only by maintaining their own continuous innovation, standing in the forefront of the market and consumer requirements, bold design can be invincible. Gradient is the color of the year, and it's been confirmed since the huawei P20 became a big seller that it's been a design trend for nearly two years.


Figure OPPO R17 gradient: a phantom color gradient that changes with light


How does the gradient color made out? There are generally four options


Color process scheme -- gradient - four color scheme


Current mobile phone back cover whether it is glass, or plastic, you can use PVD; Here's how the PVD gradient works.



There are several options for color process scheme:


1. Pure PVD scheme (pure dielectric film and non-conductive metal dielectric film)
2. PET coloring material (coating)+UV+PVD
3. Four-color printing +UV+PVD
4. Transparent color varnish +UV+PVD(or silk-screen nano-metal ink)
5. Raw material dyeing scheme +PVD
6. UV optical grade dyeing scheme +PVD(or silk screening)
7. Detailed explanation of the gradient scheme


So how does a gradient work? PVD is English Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), is refers to under the condition of vacuum, with low voltage, high current arc discharge technology, by use of gas discharge from target material evaporation and evaporation occurs matter and gas ionization, using electric field acceleration, cause the evaporation material and the reaction product Deposition on the workpiece.


If the gradient is to be made, a baffle (MASK) will be added between the target and the workpiece. The film thickness will be less in the area with a large MASK and more in the area with a small MASK. The following figure


A MASK was added between the target and the workpiece


The film forming Angle of a, b and c is Angle a > Angle b > Angle c, and the distance between the film forming region and the evaporation source is da


Due to different distances and thicknesses of film forming areas, different colors (gradient) appear in the figure.


Looking at this principle, we can see that OPPO R17 intercepts blue and green segments to match the texture; Colors in gradients are easy, but green is the most difficult of solid colors.


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