High-performance DLC Coatings Has Been Widely Used

- Mar 21, 2018-

Diamond-like Carbon, abbreviated as DLC, has a very similar performance to diamond because it has a structure that is very similar to that of diamond. As we all know that diamond is the most special natural material in the earth and it has several best properties. Such as the highest hardness is up to Hv10000, so we can say that it will never be wore out. Because of the highest thermal conductivity, it can be used as the cooling fin with highest heat dissipation efficiency. With good light transmission, it can be used as jewelry and various camera lenses. Also, it has low friction coefficient and can be used in the field of friction and wear. However, due to the scarcity of natural diamond, and large diamonds cannot be synthesized artificially with high cost. Therefore, the application of diamond is limited. But diamond-like carbon can be synthesized extensively, and the cost is very low, so diamond-like carbon is expected to be widely used in the industry.

Properties of DLC Coatings

friction coefficientadhesive strengththermal endurance





Application Example

◆ DLC/titanium loudspeaker diaphragm

Improves audio response, frequency response of Hi-Fi can be up to 30kHz by using tweeters while the frequency response of professional loudspeakers is 18KHz or more, which improves the sensitivity of the high-frequency part (increases 3db), and makes the sound crisp and bright, close to the advanced level of similar foreign products. At present, many well-known loudspeakers and audio factories (companies) have already used it in large quantities. Some speakers using this product have entered the international market.

◆ DLC coating treatment on CD mold surface

Depositing a layer of 2 to 3 μm thick smooth DLC film on a high-precision CD mold can improves the service life without affecting the original surface finish, opens and closes up to 2 million times. Above (untreated mold can only be opened and closed 500,000 times). At present, it has been mass produced and the localization of this technology has been realized.

◆ Others

Air conditioner flanging punches, cans deep drawing dies, carpenter drills, carbide blades, and golf club heads have good results after being treated with DLC film.