Fault Analysis Of High Voltage Power Supply Of PVD Vacuum Coating Machine

- Feb 27, 2019-

Fault analysis of high voltage power supply of PVD vacuum coating machine


With the development of science and technology, the application of photoelectric technology has been deep into all walks of life. Vacuum coating machine is widely used in the production and development of electronic components industry. Below, a brief introduction of the vacuum coating machine of the high voltage power supply part of the typical fault.



1, when increasing the electron beam, the high pressure did not indicate that the location of the beam spot is not in the center, the electron beam hit the edge of the crucible, resulting in high pressure without indication; (2) the location of the spot in the center, steamed material is broken, resulting in high pressure without indication.


2, no beam, high voltage indication unstable load problem; (2) normal load, high voltage power supply problem; (3) there is pollution in the vacuum room. If the vacuum chamber is polluted, the electron gun, crucible and high-pressure electrode can be thoroughly cleaned. If not, the parts and bell jar can be thoroughly cleaned


Elimination methods:

Use the high voltage meter to measure the output voltage of the high voltage part and check whether it is normal. If it is normal, use the replacement method or other methods to check whether the main switch circuit of the automatic reset part is normal. If it is abnormal, it indicates that it is the circuit problem of this part. Eliminate the malfunction and return the high voltage indicator to normal.


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