Factors Influencing Sputtering Rate

- Jun 10, 2019-

Factors influencing sputtering rate


1. Types of incident particles
The higher the mass of the incident particle, the higher the sputtering rate

2. The energy of the incident ion
After the incident particle exceeds the sputtering threshold, as the energy of the incident particle increases,
Before less than 150eV, the sputtering rate is proportional to the square of the energy of the incident particle,
The change is not obvious within the range of 150-10 kev,
Incident energy continues to increase, sputtering rate will show a downward trend

3. The Angle of incidence
The incidence Angle is 0-60°, and the sputtering rate increases with the Angle
The sputtering rate will drop sharply if the maximum incidence Angle continues to increase
The incidence Angle is 90° and the sputtering rate is 0

4. Types and structures of target materials
The sputtering rate generally increases with the increase of the atomic number of the target


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