Environment Requirment Of The PVD Coating Equipment

- Jan 20, 2018-

Because vacuum coating machine is working under the vacuum conditions, the equipment needs to meet environment requirements of the vacuum.

The specified industry standards of vacuum coating machine (including general technical specifications vacuum coating equipment, vacuum ion plating equipment, vacuum sputtering coating equipment and vacuum evaporation coating equipment) all make a clear requirements for environment. Only meeting the environment requirements of vacuum coating equipment can produce good PVD coatings.

The environment requirements of a vacuum generally including the requirements of the vacuum equipment on the environment of the laboratory (or workshop) where the vacuum equipment is located, such as temperature and particles in the air. As well as the requirement of components or surface exposed in a vacuum or in a state of vacuum. These two aspects are closely linked. The quality of the surrounding environment directly affects the normal use of vacuum equipment, and vacuum chamber or components in chamber is clean or not has a direct impact on the performance of the equipment. If the air contains a lot of water vapor and dust, in the case of the vacuum chamber is not clean, it is not suitable to pump out the air that can corrode metal, react with vacuum oil or contain particles of dust. Water vapor is a kind of condensable gas, when a large amount of condensable gas is extracted, the contamination of the pump oil will be more serious. As a result, the ultimate vacuum of the pump will decrease and the then impairs the pumping performance of the pump.

Dust in industrial environments is distinguished by powder, aerosol and dust. Powder means a collection of powder or solid particles. Aerosol is a material system that floats in the air in the form of solids or liquid molecules. Whether the material is solid or liquid, any particles can be collectively referred to as dust particles. The standard of air cleanliness is determined by the size of the dust particles and then customizes the level of the clean room.

The normal conditions of vacuum coating equipment including:

1. Ambient temperature: 10 ~ 30

2. Relative humidity 70%

3. Inlet temperature of cooling water is not higher than 25

4. Cooling water is city tap water or comparable water.

5. Supply voltage is 380V, three-phase is 50Hz or 220V, single-phase is 50Hz (determine by the requirement of working electrical appliances), voltage fluctuation range is 342V ~ 399V or 198V ~ 231V, frequency fluctuation range is 49 ~ 51Hz.

6. Required compressed air, liquid nitrogen, hot and cold water pressure, temperature and consumption of equipment should be stated in the product manual.

7. The surrounding environment should be clean and tidy the air shall not contain the dust or gas that can cause corrosion on the surface of electrical appliances and other metal parts or cause the electrical conductivity of metal parts.

In addition, the laboratory or workshop where the vacuum equipment is located should be clean with terrazzo or wood paint floor. In order to prevent the gas discharged by the mechanical pump from polluting the laboratory environment, the exhaust pipe (metal and rubber pipe) should be installed on the exhaust port of the pump to discharge the gas out of the room.

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