Electronic Cigarette And PVD Coating Process

- May 13, 2019-

Electronic Cigarette and PVD coating process


Of the world's 1.2 billion smokers, nearly 400 million are in China. Now that smoking is banned indoors, it seems even more disgusting!


Have you ever thought that the long-term harm caused by smoking is enough to destroy all organs of our body? Cigarette contains more than 60 kinds of carcinogens, one more cigarette, one more injury! Secondhand smoke is even more harmful to others!


Although e-cigarettes are safer than cigarettes, traditional e-cigarettes are too eye-burning!


However, there is a brand that has created a high pretend bility e-cigarette with the process of iPhone.


Linx Electronic Cigarette


All stainless steel polished shell, whether in the hand to play, or static display, are very texture, eye - pleasing!


You may have seen many types of e-cigarettes, but this "all stainless steel case" will still make you feel like an e-cigarette! At this level of appearance, you may not find the second one on the Internet.


It is not easy to make such a beautiful appearance. In terms of technology, Linx adopts the entire production process of iPhone XS. First of all, in the metal joint, Linx adopts laser seamless welding, which ensures the visual integrity of the shell!


Fine grinding of the sides and top, inherited from the 18th century. It's all apple's production line equipment.


Mirror copy repeated polishing, so that the shell under the light reflection is very bright, eye - catching!


The front cover and back cover adopt saw cutting technology, the whole metal is cut at the same time, the edge will not cut the hand naturally!


Even the letter "Linx" LOGO USES automatic laser engraving, which will not wear out over time like the printing and dyeing process.


In terms of coloring technology, Linx e-cigarette also adopts the same sandblasting and PVD vapor deposition technology as iPhone.


It can be clearly seen that the color is not simply dyed, but more like made of different colors of metal, very natural!


A total of four colors are available for pre-sale: comet silver, champagne gold, mineral lime and sapphire blue, priced at 299 yuan. (4 smoke bombs for one smoke pole)

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