Electron Beam Evaporation Systems

- Sep 12, 2018-


Electron beam and thermal evaporation systems. Planetary or simple rotation stages can include heating to temperatures greater than 950°C, depending on substrate size and material. Ion sources for IBAD and substrate pre-cleaning can be integrated into systems as well. Evaporation systems come with complete pumping stations, manual or electro-pneumatic valves, all vacuum gauges, a power distribution box, electronic racks, water and air manifolds, and safety interlocks. Systems can be operated manually or via computer control. Substrate heaters and manipulators can be designed for non-standard substrate shapes and sizes. Applications include basic materials research, SAW devices, silicon and GaAs wafer metallization, MEMS or display technology, and more.


Many system options are available, including a wide range of electron beam and thermal sources, power supplies, integration of ion beam or magnetron sputter sources, RGA’s, UHV capability, multi-wafer load locks, and in-situ monitors.