DISPLAY Is Everywhere,and CHINA DISPLAY Is Embracing The 5G Era With MWC

- Apr 10, 2019-

" DISPLAY is everywhere," "and CHINA DISPLAY is embracing the 5G era with MWC


With the development of 5G technology and the advent of the Internet of everything era, screens are everywhere. Flexible screens and touch screens have been widely used in mobile phones, smart homes, education, vehicles, commercial displays and other fields. From June 26-28, 2019, the international new DISPLAY technology exhibition (hereinafter referred to as DISPLAY CHINA) will be held in Shanghai new international expo center together with MWC, providing a grand stage for new products release for exhibitors and a grand meeting for visitors to promote business cooperation, learn professional technologies and understand market trends.


With MWC held at the same time, resource intercommunication, explore the new display market in the era of 5G


More than 60,000 professionals from the mobile ecosystem and neighboring industries are expected by the GSMA to participate in the event, which is co-hosted with DISPLAY CHINA. 5 g means not only can realize network connection and data faster download speed, more will inspire more innovative applications, and will lead to cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, a new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence in all areas of application, which will provide new DISPLAY technology innovation more market opportunities, the DISPLAY CHINA will be on the scene shows wearable devices, automotive equipment, public DISPLAY, AR/VR, according to a new and according to the current hot forge "5 g and folding terminal exhibit", "AI and smart cockpit DISPLAY" and "commercial space intelligent interactive exhibit", Joint major display and application terminal enterprises to participate in a comprehensive exchange and display platform.


DISPLAY CHINA -- a platform for technology research and market development that can be used as a reference for the DISPLAY industry


As an indicator of show industry in CHINA, the exhibition will be around from folding screen/flexible displays, automotive electronics, new retail, commercial DISPLAY, intelligent household, wearable business in areas such as equipment and materials, has brought together 200 + home industry leader brand and on behalf of the enterprise, the exhibition will promote the whole DISPLAY industrial chain, no matter you are a novice industry, or have friends in DISPLAY industry for many years, the DISPLAY CHINA can provide you a view, reference in technology research and market development platform.



Adhere to the direction of specialization
Focus on improving the quality of the exhibition


In this exhibition, the organizer will invite boe, which has the largest OLED production capacity in China. They will launch their OLED TV, LG, in April; Similar to RAZR flip folding patent brand sharp; Huaxing photoelectric, cigna, tianma, and hui, cec, sun, letter, samsung, innolux, JDI, longteng, auo panel makers, such as Orient, elevation, electric glass, byrne, Merck, basf, sumitomo chemical, benq, three spectrum, ShengBo, NAKAN, MTK, ty, clever, jing lian photoelectric, corning, asahi glass, crystal, crystal but, new material, competition, weng, NanosysFour abundant materials, equipment and facilities, such as electronic manufacturers, industry into day, emperor jing, jing hua, ultrasonic, English education, Depp, gen, touch the photoelectric products, with touch screen and module makers like xingda, vivo, OPPO, soft yu, Nubian, TCL, skyworth, konka, hisense, haier, foxconn, huawei, the newsletter leopard, depending on the source co, several extension technology, millet, zte, MTK, terminal and scheme manufacturers such as auto, visteon, DENSO unit, Volkswagen, BMW, BENZ, car manufacturers such as Yong hui, haier, aucma, FUJITSU, macro wisdom, such as electric, said han tai, kang DE novo retail/commercial display such industry leaders to the exhibition, these brands will be released at the scene of the show their latest products, visitors will pass their latest technology to the development of the industry, the face to face communication with brands, more directly analyze the technical difficulties, understanding of industry information.


Top ten BBS, authoritative voice leading industry vane


After two years of development, DISPLAY CHINA has made great progress. In the future, it will focus on cultivating high-quality exhibitions and become a platform for technicians in the field of DISPLAY panel development to obtain cutting-edge information. BBS is also an indispensable element in high-quality exhibitions. AI and intelligent cockpit peak BBS; Seminar on development of innovative applications for commercial display in 2019; Micro-LED display peak BBS; 2019 seminar on flexible and foldable technology development; Seminar on development of display industry between China and Japan in 2019; 2019 flexible display key materials technology seminar, from two aspects of display technology and application scenarios to share the theme, in-depth discussion of 5G, foldable mobile phone, large screen commercial display, car electronics and other hot topics, focusing on the characteristics of the display industry, and jointly discuss the future development trend.


Through DISPLAY CHINA 2019 and MWC 2019, we can feel that the DISPLAY industry is ushering in a historical period of explosive demand for downstream innovative applications. Especially with the acceleration of 5G commercialization and the Internet of everything era, the new DISPLAY, as an interconnected port, will play an irreplaceable role in a series of application scenarios.

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