Did You Know That The Aurora Color Process Of Huawei P20 Series Is Realized By Using Target Material Technology?

- Apr 26, 2019-

Did you know that the aurora color process of huawei P20 series is realized by using target material technology?


The target, which many people don't know, is actually a target material that's bombarded by high speed charged particles. Target materials have a wide range of applications. However, there are still a lot of people, especially those who do not pay attention to this part of the people do not know. The target material is the target material. In high-energy laser weapons, different laser power densities, different output waveforms and different wavelengths will produce different killing and damaging effects when they interact with different targets. For physical plating in the splash plating, mainly metal targets and ceramic targets. These may be said very abstruse, that in this, four feng xiaobian will give an example, so that we can understand the side of the target around the application.


Take the recently released OPPO, huawei and vivo mobile phones for example. These new mobile phones will be found with good appearance. Now people's demand for beauty has become the standard to examine the mainstream of The Times. From the fantasy powder of vivo X20, the nebula color of OPPO R15, to the aurora color of huawei P20, to the streamer gradient color of OPPO FindX, the gradual change process has brought us surprises again and again. Do you know that this gradient process is achieved through the target.



Photo: OPPO official website

Here's how it works:

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) technique describes the process of vaporizing a material source -- solid or liquid surface into gaseous atoms, molecules or partially ionized ions under vacuum conditions, and depositing thin films with certain special functions on the substrate surface through a low-pressure gas (or plasma) process.


By controlling different target materials, deposition film thickness and other parameters, the film will show different colors under the action of light reflection, refraction and interference.


The main methods of physical vapor deposition are vacuum evaporation, sputtering, plasma, ion, and molecular beam epitaxy.


Example: huawei P20 series aurora color process is realized by sputtering coating, but the process and target material have been innovated and improved.


In the plating furnace space, special target materials are bombarded with super-high speed electrons, and some ion clouds are covered by a certain kind of cover, only the other part of ion clouds are attached to the glass surface, forming a very thin nano coating. By controlling the thickness of the coating, forming nanometer thickness difference, and then spray on the background color, the aurora color is full of mystery.


Photo: official website of huawei


target materials:


1. Metal target

Nickel target, titanium target, zinc target, chromium target, magnesium target, niobium target, tin target, aluminum target, germanium target, silver target, cobalt target, gold target, gadolinium target, lanthanum target, yttrium target, cerium target, hafnium target, molybdenum target, fe-ni target, vanadium target, tungsten target, stainless steel target, fe-fe target, fe-co target, ni-cr target, copper indium gallium target, etc


2. Ceramic targets

ITO target target target, ferric oxide, magnesium oxide, AZO target target, target, zinc sulfide, zinc oxide, chromium oxide, molybdenum target, target, target, sulfide, cadmium sulfide silica target, target, a target, magnesium fluoride silicon oxide target target yttrium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, zinc selenide target target target, silicon nitride and aluminum nitride, boron nitride target, target, silicon carbide, titanium nitride target, target, titanium acid lithium niobate praseodymium target lanthanum titanate, barium titanate target, target, nickel oxide target, etc


3. Other targets

Carbon target, silicon target, etc



Vacuum evaporation machine, sputter coating machine, arc plasma plating machine, ion coating machine and molecular beam epitaxial coating machine.



technological process:

Pretreatment of plating furnace loading vacuuming target and ion cleaning coating cooling out post-treatment.


With the development of target technology, the derivatives of target have already pervade our daily life, but we just don't care about it.


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