Dazzle Coating Films For Cell Phone Rear Cover To Meet 5G Age

- Oct 19, 2018-

With the advent of 5G era and the popularization of wireless charging technology, the de-metallization trend of the rear cover of mobile phones has been significantly accelerated, and the glass back cover has become the new favorite of mobile phone terminals by virtue of its high appearance level.


In the past year, the number of models with metal rear covers has been decreasing, while the number of models with glass back covers has been increasing. With the aesthetic upgrade of the younger generation, consumers have been improving their pursuit of the appearance and texture of mobile phones. The pure color mobile phone shell has been unable to meet people's aesthetic needs. People are more in pursuit of diversified, personalized and customized appearance of mobile phones.


Surface decoration method and effect analysis of mobile phone glass

Decoration Method



Process effect analysis

GDM: Decorate directly on the glass   surface


Thermal transfer or silk printing

Coated on the   transfer film--Counter point heating with the glass-- Transfer separation

It is difficult to achieve fine dazzle   texture and metal color

Exposure imaging

Special mold for   glass placement--     Special coating for spraying -- Exposure

Realize traditional black and white and   other common colors only

PVD+Nano spraying exposure development

PVD deposition   brightness and color --Spraying Nano   films cover bottom exposure --  develop

No optical texture implantation, lack of   comprehensive penetration effect

GDF: Glass gluing with the dazzle coating   film

Glass gluing with the dazzle coating film

UV transfer print     PVD--Silk print      Cutting--Gluing with glass

Optical textures match with metallic   color, showing an unusual visual effect

The common problem of the three glass decoration processes in the GDM scheme is low yield and high cost.

In GDF project glass and the technology that dazzle film is stuck have high yield, cost is low, design is agile advantage, become at present mainstream glass decorates means.


Processing technology and structure of dazzle film


PET substrate film  ----U V transfer print  ---- PVD----Silk print ---- Mold cutting--- Dazzle coating film


UV transfer print: UV transfer adhesive and non - stick properties of metal through the mold on the substrate texture effect.

PVD: Under vacuum conditions, brightness and color are deposited on the textured side of the substrate.

Silk print: Printing ink to the surface of the texture side of the substrate and curing, making the pattern more solid and durable.

Mold cutting: The base film was cut into the corresponding shape and size of 3D glass, and the corresponding dazzling film was obtained.




The 3D optical nanometer texture, PVD and bottom color are all made on the PET base film, and then the special fixture is used to stick to the 3D glass through heating and vacuum absorption. It can not only satisfy the texture of metal color, but also achieve the matching of various 3D nano textures and PVD, and truly realize the connotation of smartphone 3D cover plate.

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