Comparison Between Different Coating Technologies Of Modern PVD Coatings

- Jun 06, 2018-

There are various PVD coating technologies nowadays, and these technologies all have their own characteristics. Evaporation technology, magnetron sputtering technology and cathodic arc technology all have their own different application ranges.


Evaporation technology is very suitable for decorative coating on color stainless steel, the coating surface of workpiece is very smooth with low roughness, beautiful appearance and high surface quality. But the adhesion between coating and substrate is not very good.


Although magnetron sputtering technology deposits large droplets, but there are also a considerable part of the target ionize, so this kind of coating technology ensure the smooth while the binding force between coating and the substrate increased significantly. Magnetron sputtering technology is very suitable for the coating of plastic molds.


Cathodic arc technology ensures the ionization of more than 90% of the target, which greatly improve the adhesion of the coating and the substrate. However, since cathodic arc technology has no droplets and large particles deposited, the surface smoothness of the coating is reduced. So the cathodic arc technology is very suitable for tool coatings.


The crystal grain sizes of the three technologies vary widely. Because of the high ionization rate, the grain size of the coating of cathodic arc technology is very small, which followed by the magnetron sputtered grains, and the coating particles of the vapor deposition technique are the largest.


Since every method has its applicability, users should choose the right coating methods based on their own needs in the actual production to truly make the best use of it.