Common Trouble-shooting Of Magnetron Sputtering Film

- May 12, 2018-

The film is gray and dark

1. The degree of vacuum is lower than 0.67Pa. The degree of vacuum should be increased to 0.13-0.4Pa.

2. Purity of argon is less than 99.9%. Plaese use argon with a purity of 99.99%.

3. Inflatable system leaks. The inflation system should be checked to eliminate leaks.

4. Primer is not fully cured. The curing time of the primer should be extended appropriately.

5. The amount of gas released from the plated part is too large. Chamber should be dried and sealed

Dim and dull surface

1. Sputtering time is too long. The time should be shortened appropriately.

2. Sputtering and film forming speed is too fast. Please properly reduce the sputtering current or voltage.

Uneven color of coating

1. The film is too thin. Please increase the sputtering speed or sputtering time.

2. Irrational fixture design. Fixture design should be improved.

3. The geometry of the substrate is too complicated. Please appropriately increase the rotation speed of substrate.

Film has wrinkles or cracks

1. The evaporation rate is too fast. It should be properly slowed down.

2. The film is too thick. Sputtering time should be appropriately shortened.

3. The temperature of the substrate is too high. Please shorten the heating time of substrate.

Film surface has water marks, fingerprints and soot particles

1. The substrate is not sufficiently dried after cleaning. Pre-plating treatment should be strengthened.

2. The surface of the substrate is splashed with water or saliva. Operators should wear masks.

Poor adhesion

1. Poor degreasing of plating parts. Pre-plating treatment should be strengthened.

2. The vacuum chamber is not clean. The vacuum chamber should be cleaned. Please note that during the process of loading and unloading targets, it is strictly prohibited to use hands or other unclean object is to touch magnetron source.

3. The fixture is not clean. The fixture should be cleaned.

4. Improper control of sputtering process conditions. Please improve the sputtering process conditions.