Common Maintenance Method Of Vacuum Coating Machine

- Apr 13, 2019-

Common maintenance method of vacuum coating machine


When the vacuum coating machine failure should s* first to the user to understand the phenomenon of failure, after the boot to observe the fault, so as to be more accurate, faster, more reasonable troubleshooting.


When vacuum coating machine troubleshooting should detect low vacuum is normal (mechanical pump, roots pump, pipe, chamber, evaporator), the low vacuum is normal to open the main pump, main pump under normal after testing in the vacuum chamber is normal, normal to open the high valve chamber under vacuum is used to detect the high vacuum leak detection, until achieve vacuum, limiting vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, such as the limit of vacuum and vacuum is normal, and vacuum and vacuum is not normal may be there is something wrong with the main pump.


Common failures and maintenance methods of vacuum coating machine are listed as follows:


One.When coating is in process, the vacuum suddenly decreases:

1, evaporation source water loss of synthetic rings (replacement) of synthetic

2, crucible was wearing (replacement of crucible)

3, high voltage electrode seal was breakdown (replacement) of synthetic

4, rotating seal damage of aprons (replacement) of synthetic

5, pilot valve closed suddenly may be two five-way valve damage (two five-way valve replacement)

6, high valve closed suddenly may be two five-way valve damage (two five-way valve replacement)

7, mechanical pump downtime may be relay disconnect (check whether the relay is normal)

8, baking lead electrode seal were breakdown (replacement) of synthetic

9, the dynamic seal baffle aprons damage (replacement) of synthetic

10, crack of glass observation lens, Fried Crack (replace glass)


Two.Long-term coating machine vacuum time is very long and can not reach the vacuum, vacuum recovery, limit vacuum, vacuum protection:

1, the evaporation chamber has a lot of dust (should erase) 2, oil diffusion pump for a long time did not change (should erase oil change) 3, low mechanical pump vacuum pump before the pressure is too big, should erase the oil change) 4, the dynamic damage of o-ring seal (replacement) of synthetic 5, due to the evaporation chamber temperature is too high for a long time to make it the o-ring seal aging (replacement) of synthetic 6, evaporation chamber the introduction of the water seal for aprons damage (replacement) of synthetic 7, the introduction of a screw, nut loose phenomenon (back pressure) 8, high and low estimate valve is reliable sealing (oil)


Common vacuum coating machine maintenance method is Shared here.

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