Color Coating Film

- Apr 19, 2020-

Color film: color film is designed to adjust the structure and thickness of the film layer, so that it shows different reflectivity and transmittance to the visible light of different bands, so as to adjust the color it shows.
For example, the color film reflectivity curve designed for a product is shown in the following figure. It can be seen that the reflectivity of the color film is very high in the wavelength range of 400-500nm blue-violet light, while the reflectivity of other visible light range is very low in the wavelength range of 500-700. Thus, it can be seen that the color film mainly reflects blue-violet light, that is, the appearance of the product is blue-violet.



In our life will often come into contact with color film, for example: some products of the anti-counterfeiting labels coated with color film, the use of different Angle incident light corresponding to the relative film thickness of different principles, so that the anti-counterfeiting labels from different angles to different colors; Cell phone cover gradient is also a kind of color film, and so on.


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