Characteristics Of O-Rings

- Jul 09, 2018-

O-rings have the following characteristics:


1. It can be applied under static or various motion conditions.


2. An O-ring can be used alone to seal the bidirectional medium pressure.


3. Any part of the O-ring cross section can be used as a sealing working surface, that is, a seal can be formed on the outer diameter, the inner diameter, the end surface or any surface.


4. The frictional resistance of motion is small, but the starting frictional resistance is large.


5. Except for abrasion on the work surface, extrusion and ringing will occur at high pressure.


6. Simple structure, compact size, convenient assembly and disassembly, and it has low requirement for loading technology.


7. O-ring seals have a wide range of applicable parameters.

Pressure: Static condition: 100 MPa or higher.

Movement conditions: 35 MPa.

Temperature: about -60~200 °C.

Shaft diameter: up to 3000mm.

Speed: 2~3m/s (rotary motion).