Briefly Describe The Application Range Of Some Commonly Used Of PVD Coatings

- Aug 13, 2019-

Briefly describe the application range of some commonly used of PVD coatings




The most common application, with high hardness, high wear resistance and oxidation resistance; Suitable for most cutting tools, also suitable for most molding die and anti - wear workpiece.



With small internal stress, high toughness and good lubrication performance; Suitable for low friction factor and high hardness processing environment.



Good chemical stability, high red hardness, excellent oxidation resistance and wear resistance, suitable for dry cutting occasions.



With very high red hardness and oxidation resistance, it is used for hard working materials (titanium alloy, inconel alloy), hard working and high-speed cutting.



With remarkable high lubrication and high temperature resistance, it is most suitable for cutting tools of copper metals, as well as coating of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts.



It has excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low friction factor, and strong adhesion with matrix. When used for cutting tools, TiAlN is usually used as the matrix to process non-ferrous metal, graphite and other materials.

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