Brief Description Of Vacuum Decorative Coating Application

- Jan 27, 2021-

Brief Description of vacuum decorative coating application:

1. Architectural hardware: sanitary hardware (e.g. water faucet). Door lock. The door handle. Sanitary ware, hardware, furniture, etc.
2. Watchmaking: Used in watchcases. Watchband coated film, crystal products.
3. Other hardware: Leather. Plastic hardware. Stainless steel tableware. Spectacle frames, cutters, molds, etc.
4. Large workpieces: automobile wheel hub, stainless steel plate. Brand. Sculptures, etc.
5. Stainless steel tubes and plates (all types of surfaces)
6. Furniture, lamps and lanterns, hotel appliances.
7. Super hard decorative film for hardware products such as locks, handle, bathroom hardware, golf head, stainless steel tableware and utensils.
8, watches, watchbands, glasses, jewelry and other ornaments plated super wear-resistant decorative (gold and silver) nano film and nano laminated film.

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