Basic Technical Requirements For Vacuum Coating Equipment

- Jan 19, 2019-

Basic technical requirements for vacuum coating equipment


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1. The structure of vacuum pipes and static sealing parts (flanges, sealing rings, etc.) in the equipment shall conform to the provisions of GB/T6070.


2, in the low vacuum and high vacuum tube and vacuum coating room should be installed on the vacuum measurement gauge, to measure the vacuum degree of each part. When it is found that the electric field causes interference to the measurement, the electric field shielding device should be installed at the measuring port.


3. If the main pump used by the equipment is a diffusion pump, an oil vapor trap shall be installed on the side of the air inlet of the pump.


4. The coating room of the equipment shall be equipped with an observation window and a baffle device. The observation window should be able to observe the working condition of the sedimentary source and other key parts.


5, the design of ion plating deposition source should be as far as possible to improve the rate of ionization in the process of coating, improve the utilization rate of coating materials, reasonable matching of deposition source power, reasonable arrangement of deposition source in the vacuum chamber location.


6, reasonable arrangement of heating device, general heater structure layout should make the plated workpiece temperature rise uniform.


7, the workpiece frame should be insulated with the vacuum chamber, the design of the workpiece frame should make the workpiece film uniform.


 8, ion coating equipment should generally have negative bias of the workpiece and ion bombardment power supply, ion bombardment power supply should have abnormal discharge suppression device, to maintain stable work.


9. The value of insulation resistance between parts of the vacuum chamber connected with different potentials shall be in accordance with 4.4.6 in GB/ t11164-1999


10. Other matters needing attention

1) ambient temperature: 10 to 30 oc

2) relative humidity: no more than 750%

3)  cooling water inlet temperature is not higher than 25 oc

4) cooling water quality, urban tap water, or rather the quality of the water.

5) power supply: 380V three-phase 50Hz or 220V single-phase 50Hz(depending on the needs of the electrical appliances); Voltage fluctuation range: 342-399v or 198-231v; Frequency fluctuation range: 49-51hz.

6) the pressure, temperature and consumption of compressed air, liquid nitrogen, cold water and hot water etc. required by the equipment shall be indicated in the product operation manual.

 7) the environment around the equipment should be clean and the air should be clean. Dust or gas that causes corrosion on the surface of electrical appliances and other metal parts or causes intermetallic conductivity should not exist.