Application Of The Vacuum Technical

- May 28, 2020-

Application of the Vacuum technical

With the development of science and technology, vacuum has been widely used in aerospace, high-energy physics, laser, metallurgy, chemical industry and other fields.

Gold has always been regarded as a symbol of wealth, and it has been a long-cherished wish of people to turn a stone into gold. Now vacuum ion plating has made this myth a reality.
In the vacuum chamber of the ion plating machine, the titanium is heated and evaporated into steam. After that, the titanium is ionized and accelerated together with the trace nitrogen in the vacuum chamber, which bombards the surface of the stainless steel watchcase or jewelry, forming a layer of titanium nitride gold plating film, which makes it become glittering and dazzling, just like gold, but harder and more wear-resistant than gold.
Vacuum coating can not only imitate gold, but also substitute silver. The traditional mirror making process is to produce a silver film on the glass surface by silver mirror reaction of silver nitrate and glucose.
However, the vacuum evaporation mirror coating film only needs to be heated in the vacuum chamber to evaporate cobalt and deposit it on the surface of the glass, thus forming an aluminum film with the same reflectance as the silver film. This is the new mirror manufacturing process of "substituting aluminum for silver", which can save a lot of silver for the country.

In addition, the optical transmittance of the silver lens and camera lens can reach more than 98% by vacuum coating. The surface of plastic products can be vacuum evaporation with a layer of metal film to achieve the appearance of metal products. Recently, the vacuum rainbow coating film that develops abroad, the adornment film that place plating gives is more like a flower like brocade, colour profusion.


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