Application Of PVD Coating Machine And Equipment

- Sep 25, 2018-

 IKS PVD vacuum coating equipment/machine can be used in the fields as following:


1. Watch industry (strap, case, dial)


2. Automotive industry (piston, piston rings, alloy wheels) 


3. Hardware industry (sanitary ware, door knobs, locks) 


4. Glass ceramics industry (glass tableware, ceramic crafts)


5. Architecture industry (stainless steel plate, stair railings, columns)


6. Tools industry (drill bits, carbide cutters, broaches, shaving heads)


7. Precision mold industry (standard punch mold, forming mold)


8. Optical Lens Coating (AR coating, AG coating)


9. Electronics (ITO coating, Web coating, Low-E glass)


10. Jewelry (Decorative coating)


11. Digital Product (Cell Phone Shell, Touch Panel)


12. Aerospace (Cabin Interiors, Air Defense, Camouflage and Anti-infrared)


13. Photovoltaic industry (Optical Glass, Glass Panels, Solar Laminates)


IKS PVD vacuum coating equipment/machine can coat many colors like: gold, silver, rose gold, blue, black, gray, brown, green, rose red, rainbow etc.

About the coating suitable question,like coating colors,thickness,hardness,etc details,please contact with us:

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