Application Of Plastic Coating-Light And Heat Functions

- May 25, 2020-

Application of plastic coating-Light and heat functions

Metallized mirror plastic not only has a sense of precision, weight than the matrix plastic, showing a magnificent decorative, and in the mechanical strength, heat resistance, dimensional stability, water absorption and other aspects are more superior. The light and heat functions of the plastic vacuum coating layer can be used to produce reflector covers for civilian mirrors, car lights, flashlights, road signs, glasses, lenses, celestial telescopes, interference filters, and regulating film for sunlight, etc. If the surface of the plastic lens is coated with silver and chromium, it can reflect strong light and harmful light. If the polyester substrate is coated with a thin layer of aluminum to make a sun regulating film, it can filter sunlight and save room cooling costs in the summer. In agriculture can also use the plastic vacuum coating layer of light, heat function production of translucent solar shading energy-saving film, as an orchard, farm heat preservation, cold film, its application has been quite common. At present, in addition to optical film, electrical film, magnetic film, and a variety of novel, gorgeous decorative film, vacuum coating method is developing to obtain more additional functions.

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