Application Of Plastic Coating-Electromagnetic Function

- May 24, 2020-

Application of plastic coating-Electromagnetic function

Nowadays, electronic instruments are developing towards the direction of "light, thin, short, small" and multi-function, high performance and low cost. Plastic cases, plastic parts or panels are widely used in electronic instruments. External electromagnetic waves can easily penetrate the shell or panel and cause harmful interference to the normal operation of the instrument. And the electromagnetic wave generated by the instrument is also very easy to radiate to the surrounding space, affecting the normal work of other electronic instruments. In order to make the electronic instrument meet the requirement of electromagnetic compatibility, the plastic surface is vacuum plated with metal film. After surface metallization treatment, the completely insulated plastic surface has the characteristics of reflecting, absorbing, conducting and attenuating electromagnetic waves like metal, which can play a role in shielding electromagnetic wave interference. The electromagnetic function of plastic vacuum coating layer is also used in the production of capacitors, electromagnetic shielding packaging film, transparent conductive film with high conductivity, magnetic film, copper-plated flexible printed circuit board, selenium rectifier, etc. For example, in the power industry, the film capacitor is an important component which is made of the plastic vacuum gilding film. The polyester, biaxial tensile polypropylene and other plastic films treated by vacuum coating can be used as the electrode of the capacitor. Transparent conductive plastic film with transparent conductivity, used for the production of solar cells and electrochromic devices of transparent electrodes. Magnetic films have been widely used in magnetic recording and magneto-optical storage.


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