Application Of DLC Coating On Mechanical Parts

- Apr 04, 2018-

Diamond-like coatings are widely used in the mechanical parts industry, including:

◆ Precision machinery

Such as precision bearings, textile equipment and components, compressor screws, slides, pump seals, blades, sewing equipment and components, springs and precision transmission.

◆ Measuring Implements

Such as calipers, calipers, plug gauges and fixtures.

◆ Medical equipment and appliances

Such as surgical knife blade, surgical scissors, heart valves, artificial joints, and intravascular stents.

◆ IC Engine Industry

Such as fuel injection systems (valve lifters, plungers, fuel injectors), power transmission systems (gears, bearings, camshafts), piston cylinder assemblys (piston rings, piston pins), Buckle lock door, trims and so on.

 Entertainment and fitness

Such as speaker diaphragm, mobile HDD, CD, golf club parts, bicycle parts, razor blades and so on.

◆ Optics.

Such as infrared anti-reflection antireflection film, glass coating, lens coating acrylic coating and protective film.

◆ Decorative coating.

Such as mobile phone shell, high-end watches, indoor and outdoor hardware, bathroom products, accessories.

◆ Aerospace

Such as aircraft, radome of missile coating, satellite, solar cell coating.