Application Field Of Vacuum Coating Technology

- Mar 07, 2019-

Application field of vacuum coating technology


1. Decorations


With the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, people like to hand watchcase, watchband, clothing, lighting, eyeglasses frame, indoor and outdoor decorative pieces, hardware boxes and bags, mobile phone case, mobile phone video screen, sanitary ware, food packaging and other decorative fine decoration colorful.


2. In cutting tools, molds and other metal processing tools


In life, we will see gold, cobalt copper color, black and other seven miscellaneous eight color drill, milling cutter, mold, etc., these are after the coating technology processing coating tools.

(1) it is golden in color and coated with TiN and ZrN. TiN is the first generation of widely used hard layer material.

(2) black, is in the cutting tool coated with TiC, CrN coating.

(3) cobalt copper, TiALN coated on the tool.


3. On building glass and car glass


optical coating1

Building glass has two basic functions: light transmission and heat insulation.

Ordinary glass can radiate energy through most of the sunlight, which is very beneficial for lighting and absorbing the energy of the sun's rays. And to dimensional infrared radiation, although common glass can prevent indoor quantity of heat to pass through directly outdoor, but the 2 times after quantity of heat is absorbed by glass come loose heat also can cause very big loss.

With the development of economy, ordinary glass has been unable to meet the requirements of people, and the sunshine control film and low radiation film can just make up for the shortage of ordinary glass in this respect. The sunshine control film can meet the requirement of lowering indoor temperature in low latitude area. While the low radiation film can meet the requirements of fully accepting the solar radiation energy and maximally preventing the outflow of indoor heat in the high latitude area.

Coating the glass with a layer of TiO2 turns it into fog-proof, dew proof and self-cleaning glass, a process that has great applications in automotive glass.


4. In a flat-panel display


All types of flat panel displays use various types of film, and almost all types of flat panel display devices need to use ITO film to meet the requirements of transparent electrical appliances. It is no exaggeration to say that without thin-film technology, there would be no flat panel display.


5. In the use of solar energy


When it is necessary to use solar thermal energy effectively, it is necessary to consider the absorption surface that absorbs more solar light and less loss caused by thermal radiation. The peak of the solar spectrum is approximately in the infrared band with a wavelength of 2-20 m. Because of the difference between solar radiation and thermal radiation spectrum, it is necessary to adopt the absorption surface with wavelength selection in order to use solar thermal energy effectively.

The ideal absorption surface is 1 for the visible band and 0 for the thermal band.


6. In anti-counterfeiting technology


There are many kinds of anti - false membrane, which can be divided into reflection type and transmission type. From the film system adhesion can be divided into direct coating, indirect coating or indirect coating clip - and - paste.


7. In the aircraft protective coating


Titanium alloy fasteners used to be plated with cadmium. But in the cadmium plating contains hydrogen, so in the process of flight, by the atmosphere, sea water corrosion, coating easy to produce "cadmium brittle", or even cause "air crash".

In 1964, the problem of "cadmium brittleness" of aircraft parts was solved by aluminum plating on titanium alloy fasteners by ion plating. In ion plating technology, due to the negative bias on the workpiece, can form a "pseudo-diffusion layer", thin film structure, therefore, can significantly improve the corrosion resistance of the film.


8. In optical instruments


The optical instrument that people is familiar with has telescope, microscope, camera, rangefinder, and the mirror in daily articles for daily use, glasses, magnifying glass to wait, they cannot leave technology of plating film, the film that plating makes has reflex film, increase permeability film and absorb film to wait for a few kinds.


9. In the field of information storage


As an information recording medium, thin film materials have unique advantages:

Because the film is very thin, eddy current loss can be ignored. Magnetic inversion is extremely rapid; The bistable state parallel to the membrane surface is easy to maintain.

In order to record and store information more accurately, it is necessary to use coating technology.


10.In the sensor field


In sensors, those electrical properties are more sensitive to physical quantities, chemical quantities and their changes in semiconductor materials. In addition, most of them use the surface and interface properties of semiconductors, which need to increase their area as much as possible, and can be industrialized, low price production, so there are many cases of using thin films.


11. In integrated circuit manufacturing


The protective layer (SiO2, Si3N4) and electrode pipeline (polysilicon, aluminum, copper and their alloys) in the transistor circuit are mostly used in CVD technology, PVCD technology, vacuum evaporation metal technology, magnetron sputtering technology and rf sputtering technology. It can be seen that vapor deposition is one of the core technologies for preparing integrated circuits.

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