Application And Operation Of PVD Vacuum Coating Machine

- Feb 14, 2019-

Application and operation of PVD vacuum coating machine


PVD Vacuum coating machine USES and operating methods, vacuum coating machine is a common type of coating machine, refers to a kind of demand under a high vacuum coating, including many varieties in detail, including vacuum ion transpiration, magnetron sputtering, MBE molecular beam epitaxy, PLD laser sputtering accumulation and many other kinds.


The use of PVD vacuum coating machine


Transpiration coating is usually heated by the target material to make the surface components transpiration by atomic groups or ions. Moreover, the deposition on the surface of the substrate forms a thin film through the film-forming process (scatter - island structure - vagal structure - layered growth). Sputtering coating can be simply understood as the use of electrons or high-energy laser bombardment of the target material, and make the surface components be sputtering out in atomic groups or ions, and eventually accumulate on the surface of the substrate, experience the film formation process, and eventually form a film.


Scope of application of PVD vacuum coating machine


1. Construction hardware: bathroom hardware (such as water faucet), door lock, door handle, bathroom, hardware, furniture, etc.

2. Watch making: it can be used for case, strap coating and crystal products.

3.Other hardware: leather hardware. Stainless steel tableware. Spectacle frames, knives, molds, etc.

4. Large workpiece: car wheel hub, stainless steel plate.

5. Stainless steel tube and plate (various types of appearance)

6. Furniture, lamps and lanterns, hotel appliances.

 7, lock, handle, bathroom hardware, golf head, stainless steel tableware, blood and other hardware products plated super hard decoration film.

8, watches, watchbands, glasses, jewelry decoration products such as wear resistant decoration (gold and silver) plated nano film and nano film and nano laminated film.


Operation of electromechanical control cabinet for PVD vacuum coating machine


1. Open water pump and air source.

2. Turn on the main power supply.

 3. Open and maintain the pump and the vacuum gauge power supply, and the vacuum gauge files the azimuth V1, and wait for its value less than 10 before entering the next operation. It takes about 5 minutes.

 4. Turn on the mechanical pump and prepump, turn on the power supply of the turbine molecular pump and start it. Switch the vacuum gauge to the V2 position, and stop the pump until it is less than 2, about 20 minutes.

5. After the reading of the turbine molecular pump reaches 250, close the pump, open the front machine and the high valve to continuously pump vacuum, and only after the vacuum reaches a certain degree can the high vacuum gauge head on the right be opened to investigate the vacuum degree. Only after the vacuum reaches 2 x 10-3 can the power of the electron gun be turned on.


Operation of PVD vacuum coating machine


1. General power supply.

2, with gun control and gun control power. According to the electron gun control power supply, delay switch, delay, power supply and maintenance lights, three minutes after the time delay and maintenance lights, if the back door is not closed or there was something wrong with the flow relay, will normally on maintenance.

3, open high voltage, high voltage will reach more than 10KV, conditioning beam to 200mA around, 20V/100mA curtain grid, filament current 1.2a, deflection current between 1~1.7 swing.


PVD Vacuum coating machine shutdown sequence


1. Turn off the high vacuum gauge head and the molecular pump.

2. When the molecular pump is developed to 50, close the high valve, front stage and mechanical pump successively, which will take about 40 minutes.

3. Turn off the maintenance pump when it reaches below 50.


The above is the introduction of the application and operation method of the vacuum coating machine.


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