Application And Development Of Chinese Vacuum Coating Technology

- Feb 23, 2019-

Application and development of Chinese vacuum coating technology


Vacuum coating technology is a novel material synthesis and processing technology, is an important part of surface engineering technology. With the rapid development of manufacturing industry, vacuum coating technology is more and more widely used. From the development of semiconductor integrated circuit, LED, display, touch screen, solar photovoltaic, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, the demand for vacuum coating equipment, technology, materials are increasing, including the manufacture of large scale integrated circuit electrical film; Digital data record storage film that can be magnetized both horizontally and vertically; Fully display and apply various optical properties of optical film; Photosensitive film for computer display; Conductive film and anti-reflection film on TFT and PDP flat panel display; Glass coating film and decorative film used in construction and automobile industry; Protective film and barrier film for packaging; Functional film with various functional decorative effects on decorative materials; Wear resistant super hard film applied on the surface of tools and molds; Nanomaterials research in a variety of functional films.


At the same time, with the continuous development of industrial technology, the comprehensive performance of materials is also improving, the performance of a single material can no longer meet the performance requirements of some specific working machinery under the environment. After decades of development, domestic vacuum ion coating machine has made certain progress in automation and technology compared with foreign high-end coating equipment, but the stability and accuracy of coating products still need to be improved, high-end equipment is still dependent on imports. At the same time, the market of low - end products of multi - arc ion coating machine is oversupplied.


At present, China's vacuum coating equipment industry and other traditional manufacturing industry overcapacity has emerged, forcing significant effect, the country vigorously develop the environmental protection industry, the traditional plating industry to ban or transform or limit production, this is the ion coating industry development opportunity. The high cost performance of vacuum coating and the pollution of environment caused by traditional electroplating force vacuum coating to become the mainstream. Suggestions for the development of domestic vacuum coating equipment manufacturing enterprises are as follows:


1, the entity economy overall weak recovery is full of uncertainty, the economy continue to dip process, vacuum coating equipment manufacturing enterprises should focus on upgrading the industrial structure optimization, heavy quality, heavy service clear market positioning, strong research and development with independent intellectual property rights of new product new technology, improve product quality and service level.


2. Relying on the trend of informatization development, adhere to the principle of "informatization drives industrialization and industrialization promotes informatization", and find a new industrialization path with high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution and full play of advantages in human resources.


3. With the support of the government, we will strengthen the cooperation with scientific research institutes, large enterprises and universities with advanced technology and technology in the industry, so that new products can be brought to the market quickly.


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Vacuum coating technology and equipment have a very broad application field and development prospects. In the future, the manufacturing industry such as vacuum coating equipment industry will focus on the integration of information technology, rely on technological progress, pay more attention to the accumulation of technical capacity, and manufacture more service-oriented, and advance to the high-end value chain of the world's vacuum coating equipment industry and other manufacturing industries.