Anti-reflective Coating/AR Coating

- Apr 17, 2020-

Anti-reflective coating/AR coating; Anti-reflection film/minus the film is the use of thin film reflection and basal reflected light interference occurs to adjust the reflectance and transmittance, when film for wavelength 1/4, two groups of reflected light interference occurs, which offset each other, to decrease the opposite effect, because according to the conservation of energy, in the case of the absorption rate constant through rate will increase, so as to achieve the anti-reflection effect.
For example, the glass substrate is alternately plated with titanium oxide and silicon oxide, with a total of six layers. When we design the thickness of the six layers, the reflectance of visible light waves of 400-700nm is less than 1%, the transmittance will increase correspondingly, as shown in the following figure:




In our life will often come into contact with anti-reflection film/anti-reflection film, for example: camera lens will often be coated with anti-reflection film to enhance the shooting effect; Vehicle navigators are often coated with anti-reflection film to make the image clearer, but also to reduce the glare caused by reflection, blurred, etc., etc.


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