AF Vacuum Coating Technology Allows The Mobile Phone Where Dust Do Not Disturb The Wet Body

- Jun 01, 2019-

AF vacuum coating technology allows the mobile phone where "dust" do not disturb the wet body


1. Name interpretation and principle

AF - Anti-fingerprint. Generally, SiO2+AF materials (DON, M4, docorning AF materials) are prepared by vacuum evaporation and deposition.


Principle: AF anti-fouling anti-fingerprint glass is coated with a layer of nano-chemical material on the outer surface of the glass according to the lotus leaf principle, which reduces the surface tension of the glass to the minimum, and reduces the contact area between dust and the glass surface by 90%, so that it has strong hydrophobic, anti-oil, anti-fingerprint ability. Make video glass panel is being maintained for a long time bright and clean bright effect.



Applicable materials: all kinds of glass or plexiglass PC, PMMA, PET...


2. technological process

AF process flow:


Below we talk about the specific anti - fingerprint processing process.
(1) pretreatment: use weak alkaline cleaning agent or solvent to remove oil, water and other stains on the surface of the substrate, through ultrasonic cleaning effect is better;
(2) coating AF liquid on the surface of the product to form a film;
(3) baking: spray after taking out the glass, put into the oven (120 degrees, 30 minutes), according to the specific requirements and product conditions to adjust to the best;
(4) cleaning: product cleaning, finished product packaging.


3. Features and application areas

AF coating product features:
1) antifouling: prevent fingerprints and oil stains from being easily adhered to and erased;
2) scratch prevention: smooth surface, comfortable feel, not easy to scratch;
3) thin film: excellent optical properties without changing the original texture;
4) wear resistance: it has true wear resistance


AF coating products application field: mobile phone, tablet, TV, LED and other glass display screen


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