A Competition Of Milling Cutters Made By China, Japan And Germany

- Mar 05, 2018-

A lot of cutting tools will be showed in the 10th Chinese CNC Machine Tool Show (CCMT2018, April 9 at Shanghai New International Expo Center). This time we pick a few distinctive tools to share with you. These brands are respectively from China, Japan and Germany, and which one is more powerful?

GARANT MasterSteel VHM Finishing Cutter


Product features

● Complete the highest quality surface finish in the shortest time.

● Increase productivity due to significantly higher total feed rates.

● Maximum cutting depth is up to 5 × D.

● It can be reground if the diameter is more than 6.



Surface roughness of 42CrMoS material after processing

Vc                                                         m/mim                                      260
Fz                                                               mm              0.03
Ae                                                              mm0.
GARANT 20 4018 Gr.12 (Z=7)      Rz in um1.050.944.13.52.4
Surface Roughness                         Rz in um1.931.664.593.432.9

At higher feed rates Vf (GARANT + 40%), GARANT MasterSteel can ensure better surface compared with competitors.


KYOCERA DLC Coatings For High Speed And Accuracy Machining Of Aluminium Alloy

PDL010/PDL025 Material

With the wide range of applications of aluminum alloy machining in the automotive, precision electronics and aerospace industries, users are placing ever higher request on the performance of tools in how to achieve high speed, precise and complex shape machining. In the past aluminum alloy machining, it mostly adopted sharp uncoated cemented carbide tools or single crystal/polycrystalline diamond tools. The diamond has the advantages of perfect surface finish, high processing efficiency, long service life, etc., but also has the disadvantages of high price, difficult cutting control, poor resistance to damage and so on.


When using diamond cutting tools, sometimes the tools need to be refaced and re-use in order to save costs. For high hard diamond, it is difficult to re-grind and the price is very high. Cemented carbide tool have the advantage of relatively inexpensive. With multi-tip specifications, its chip breaker groove ensures good cutting processing.

PDL010 / PDL025 are developed as a kind of tool material that precisely combined advantages of both cemented carbide and diamond.


The traditional DLC has the price advantage but its service life is not satisfactory. PDL010 / PDL025 can increase the surface hardness 2 times and sharply enhance the wear resistance by improving the hydrogen-free DLC.  In addition, due to the good lubricity of the surface, it also suppresses the occurrence of melt. PDL010 / PDL025 make it possible to achieve a perfect machined surface compared with cemented carbide or conventional DLC.



KYOCERA combines this coating with its superior chip breaker groove. Except using in precision machining blades and grooving cutting blades, it is expanded to milling processing, which improve the milling process and reduce the cost.



cylinder block  A5052


Vc=450 m/min                                                  

Fz=0.15 mm/t

(Vf=1,900 mm/min)



MEC080R-11-7T (7 blades)



Service life:



ACHTECK  XN07/09 Face Milling Expert


Features of Blade:

It is an economical blade with double-sided eight blades in negative-type. With the advantages of sharp edge and light cutting, it is widely used in face milling, such as rough milling, semi-fine milling and finish-milling for steel, cast iron and other materials.


The blade has three available groove profiles as below:



l  For poor working conditions

l  Highest machining stability

l  Good feed speed

MM4-General-typeFirst choice

l  For general working conditions

l  For general processing


l  For good working conditions

l  Lower cutting force (use for low capacity machine)

l  General feed speed