5G Mobile Phone Like The Colorful Either,IKS PVD Coating Your Phone Shell

- Dec 14, 2018-

5G mobile phone like the colorful either,IKS PVD coating your phone shell


Color has always been a hot topic in fashion design, and color matching for mobile phones is one of the key points of CMF designers. In 5G, the back cover of mobile phone will be de-metallized. However, no matter the glass, ceramic, plastic phone appearance structure parts, CMF designers will consider the cool texture, metal texture, bright silver, ceramic luster, gradient and other effects, and these good decorative effects are inseparable from PVD vacuum coating. The metal frame also needs to maintain the same dazzling appearance as the back cover, and this year's latest iPhone XS gold and space gray series stainless steel frame is the PVD color process.



Picture ceramic, glass, plastic back cover material and metal frame will use PVD effect


PVD vacuum coating concept

1. What is vacuum coating?

Vacuum coating is an important aspect of vacuum application field. Based on vacuum technology, it USES physical or chemical methods and absorbs a series of new technologies such as electron beam, molecular beam, ion beam, ionic beam, radio frequency and magnetic control to prepare thin films. To put it simply, is in the vacuum of metals, alloys or compounds for evaporation or sputtering, so that it is coated on the substrate solidification and deposition method, called vacuum coating.


Vacuum coating technology is generally divided into two categories, namely physical vapor deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

2. What is PVD?

PVD is Physical Vapor Deposition, PVD process is a physical process to achieve the transfer of substances, atoms or molecules from the source to the surface of the substrate.


Specifically, it refers to the use of low-voltage, high-current arc discharge technology under vacuum conditions, the use of gas discharge to make the target material evaporation and evaporation of the material and gas ionization, the use of the acceleration of the electric field, the evaporation of the material and its reaction products deposited on the workpiece. Nowadays, there are two main PVDS: evaporation and magnetron sputtering. Evaporation coating can achieve a magic color effect, while magnetron sputtering can achieve a gradient effect, such as the aurora color of huawei P20 series.



Figure PVD process flow


PVD is widely used in the mobile phone industry, such as optical plating, decorative plating and chip manufacturing.IKS PVD could offer the suitable coating machine for you, contact with us now , iks.pvd@foxmail.com.