3.5D Glass Is Expected To Become A Hot Spot Of New Technology

- Jun 12, 2019-

3.5D glass is expected to become a hot spot of new technology


I. introduction to 3.5d glass mobile phone

Vivo APEX 2019 adopts the body design of curved glass, battery cover and frame, which is officially defined as "Super Unibody" Super all-in-one machine. To present a one glass is like "droplets" transparent texture, APEX 2019 created G2 discontinuous surface of thick glass, and in the process of using the glass melt adhesive (Fusion bonding) and carved CNC technology, through a long period of time after polishing, and inner cavity spray paint and a series of complex process, realize the smooth connecting of "integration" appearance.



II. 3.5D glass Fusion bonding

Vivo APEX 2019: how to make the 3.5d integrated glass? According to industry chain research, this 3.5d glass adopts the key glass Fusion bonding technology.


Melt adhesive (Fusion bonding) main principle: as the chart will be a piece of flat glass and a circular piece of glass heated to a molten state, joining together again by the welding together, similar to the base material welding process together with welding way, repass carved CNC machining remove extra allowance, namely the front is a hot working, the back is a cold, so it is a hot and cold processing complex. However, the two surfaces must undergo a considerable polishing process and finally be strengthened. The post-process is similar to the 3D glass process, which means that the hot bending process is replaced by the glass welding process.



Schematic diagram of glass melt bonding


Advantages and disadvantages of glass melt bonding technology:

Advantages: the melt bonding method can achieve a smaller bending radius, as well as a number of unimaginable bending Angle design (such as inner right Angle), which can not be achieved by the hot bending method. In addition, this approach allows for larger sizes of 3.5d glass, as well as the splicing of many different brands of protective glass. For example, there are gorilla glass and Dragontrail glass splices, gorilla glass and Xensation glass splices; Even glass and ceramic patchwork, or glass and sapphire. Another cost advantage: glass welding technology does not require expensive heating furnace, although there are some technical content, but relative equipment investment is very low.

Disadvantages: complex process, slow production cycle, low efficiency. And most worrying of all is the strength of the splice. According to the survey, vivo APEX 2019 is a big problem in the early stage of development. After continuous improvement of welding technology, it finally passes the drop test of the whole machine. Another glass welding technology is not suitable for large size.



III. 3.5D heat bending process

3.5d integrated mobile phone seen on the exhibition stand of spreadingley technology/colvision in April 2019. At the scene, we know that the 3.5D glass is heat bending molding, which is an improvement on fused glass bonding, but it is still some way from mass production.


Photo: at the hindley technology booth



Photo: at corinthians booth

IV. 3.5D glass application range

It can be inferred from the APEX 2019 first 3.5d glass mobile phone released by vivo on January 24, 2019 that the application of 3.5d glass mobile phone is mainly based on two aspects.



The battery cover and the frame body design, using curved glass material, to achieve smooth convergence of the "true integration" appearance, improve user experience.

To match flexible amoleds with special curvature, or even foldable AMOLED displays, or flat LCD displays.


Image: from IHS Markit


V. prospect analysis of 3.5d glass

From the perspective of the development of the mobile phone glass industry, we believe that only after the successful introduction of 3.5d hot bending molding can it be truly mass-produced. 3.5d hot bending molding process has the following advantages:
Hot bending molding is dominated by domestic 3D glass manufacturers, with strong financial strength and strong technical ability.
Different from the welding method, the hot bending forming method has no joints, so it has better resistance to drop.
Compared with glass melt bonding, hot bending forming technology has more advantages in terms of yield and cost.
If hot bending molding is adopted, the glass factory will put forward relevant appeals, and the terminal will modify the drawing file according to the demand.


If the development of 3.5d glass goes well, we could see smartphones with 3.5d glass in the second half of 2019.


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