Working Principle And Application Of Multi Arc Ion Plating Machine

- Mar 05, 2018-

Multi-arc ion plating machine is a kind of efficient, harmless and pollution-free ion plating equipment. It has the advantages of fast deposition rate, high ionization rate, large ion energy, simple equipment operation, low cost and large production capacity.

Working principle of bias power supply for vacuum multi arc ion plating machine

The ion plating is actually an ion sputtering coating, for the conductive target, the use of DC bias power supply, and for the non conductive target, the use of pulse bias power. Some multi arc ion plating machines may also need DC arc power supply or pulse arc power supply.

The bias power supply is actually a bias voltage between the cathode and the anode where the sample is located, usually with a cathode plus negative pressure. The free electrons on the surface of the cathode are directed and accelerated emission under the action of the electric field, and the emission electron bombard the gas molecules, so that ionization. And the electrons of gas by the ionization are accelerated by the electric field, and then continue to ionize gas molecules, on and on continuously, the formation of avalanche effect; the gas is breakdown, and the formation of ionization current constant. At that time the ions are also accelerated, bombarding the target, removing the atoms from the target surface and deposited on the surface of the sample.

Application of multi arc ion plating machine

Multi-arc ion plating machine for different grades of hardware products, and the general construction hardware or locks, with multi - arc ion plating equipment can be qualified. Medium and high grade products, such as watchband, watchcase, spectacle frame, mobile phone shell, golf club, sanitary ware, ornament and so on, usually use arc / intermediate frequency (+ DC) magnetron sputtering compound coating equipment. Select the size model according to the loading quantity. The equipment can be plated with gold, rose gold, coffee color, brown, bronze, blue and other decorative films.

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