Why more than half of the vacuum coating industry using of electromagnetic heating system?

- Jan 22, 2019-

Why more than half of the vacuum coating industry using of electromagnetic heating system?


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With the promotion of energy saving and environmental protection by the state and the rapid development of the electromagnetic heater industry, more and more enterprises and manufacturers have abandoned the old heating methods such as coal heating, electric furnace wire heating, and chose the electromagnetic heating system.


What is the electromagnetic heating system?


Electromagnetic heating energy saving system consists of electromagnetic heater and electromagnetic induction coil.


Electromagnetic heater is a kind of device that converts electric energy into heat energy by electromagnetic induction principle. Its working principle is to generate alternating magnetic field by alternating current, and generate numerous electromagnetic vortices through electromagnetic induction coil by high current, so as to make the metal workpiece rapidly generate heat and achieve heating purpose.


Under the same conditions, electromagnetic heating is more energy saving, more environmental protection, higher economic benefits. But if you think the benefits of an electromagnetic heating system go only so far, you're really underestimating it.


Short warm-up time


The heating of electric furnace wire adopts the external heating method. Only when it comes into contact with the resistance coil of the heating body can the heat be transferred to the hot body, resulting in low heating efficiency and long heating time. Heating to the working temperature of the diffusion pump takes 80~100 minutes, and the long working preparation time requires the operator to work 1 hour or more in advance.


In addition, external heating makes most of the heat radiate into the air, resulting in the loss of a large amount of heat, making the working environment temperature higher, which has a certain "blow" to the production enthusiasm of workers.


The electromagnetic heating system with high efficiency and energy saving adopts the way of internal heating, the heat is concentrated in the heating body, and there is thermal insulation material outside, the internal heat will not be dissipated to the outside, so it greatly reduces the preheating time, only 30~40 minutes can be heated to the working temperature of the diffusion pump.


This heating method not only takes less time to prepare and the operator does not have to go to work in advance, but also has a small impact on the environmental temperature, greatly improving the working conditions of the production site and reducing the cost of ventilation and cooling in the plant.


Good cooling effect


The faster the temperature drops, the less influence on the quality of the diffusion pump oil.


Under the heating mode of electric furnace wire, because the electric furnace made of resistance wire still stores a lot of heat after the equipment is stopped, the oil temperature is about 80 degrees after 2 hours of stop, and the cooling speed is slow.


Immediately after the electromagnetic heating system stops running into outage cooling mode, stop 2 hours after the oil temperature at about 50 °. In addition, the induction coil used for electromagnetic heating does not store heat, and it can be directly touched by hand after the machine stops, which provides better flexibility.



High safety coefficient


When we use machinery and equipment, we must consider safety issues.


There is no exposed cable terminal in the electromagnetic heating system, which greatly reduces the risk of electric shock. There is no open fire in the whole process, and the risk of fire and burn accident is very low. But the electric furnace wire heating way USES the open fire heating, moreover has the cable terminal post, the line Louis suffers the high temperature influence to cause the line aging, has the fire danger.


Low maintenance cost


Equipment use cost = purchase cost and later use and maintenance cost.


Although the electric furnace wire heating equipment input cost is low, but its later use and maintenance cost is very high, which is why many enterprises, manufacturers give up this heating way to electromagnetic heating energy saving system is an important reason.


Compared with electric furnace wire heating, the equipment cost of electromagnetic heating energy saving system is higher than that of one-time investment, but the cost of later use and maintenance is very low.