Why Choose PVD Coating for Home Fixtures

- Jan 10, 2018-

PVD coating offers many benefits to enhance the durability, wear resistance and decorative aesthetics of home fixtures including bathroom and kitchen accessories and components. From taps, faucets, towel bars and shower components to kitchen cabinet hardware, light fixtures and sinks, PVD is a great option for all different types of home fixtures.

Why PVD Coating?

PVD coating has many benefits for home fixtures, from functional durability to enhanced decorative appeal. Choosing PVD coating over more traditional finishes can increase the lifespan of home fixtures, whether in use in the kitchen or bathroom.

● PVD coating is very hard and is the most durable deposition available today

● More corrosion, oxidation and wear resistant than traditional electroplating

● Creates a brilliant decorative finish that enhances the look and feel of home fixtures

● Fixtures coated with PVD are easy to clean, simply needing only a soft cloth and mild soap and water

● Can be applied to a variety of materials from chrome plated parts to plastics to titanium alloys and more

● Provides protection from the elements in homes located in extreme climates

When durability and strength matter, PVD is the clear choice for home fixture finishing. Customers expect longevity when purchasing bathroom and kitchen fixtures. These types of home fixtures are used daily, which increases the need for them to be wear resistant. Because water flows through faucets, sinks and shower components, rust is a factor when it comes to home fixtures. The corrosion resistance of PVD adds to the durability and lifespan of home fixtures.

In addition to strength, home fixture finishing is important for the aesthetics of bathrooms and kitchens. These high traffic areas are frequented by both homeowners and their guests, which means applying a brilliant PVD coating adds to the home design. PVD can be done in a variety of colors to customize home fixtures and provide aesthetic value.

Choosing PVD coating for home fixtures, including bathroom and kitchen accessories, adds to the strength and dependability of these types of products, far outlasting traditional finishing techniques. Choose PVD coating for home fixture finishing of the most superior quality.

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) has a variety of benefits as a metal coating, including corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance is an important factor when manufacturing metal products as the formation of rust can be destructive and having a devastating impact on a manufacturer’s bottom-line. Rust and corrosion can spread quickly, which is why it’s important to protect metal products with physical vapor deposition coatings.

Physical Vapor Deposition

Physical vapor deposition is a vacuum coating process that has a higher corrosion tolerance than electroplating and other forms of metal finishing. Because of the corrosion resistant properties, PVD coatings provide a brilliant and more durable product. Additionally, PVD coatings can be done in a wide range of colors.

Causes of Corrosion

● Presence of moisture

● Air temperature

● Presence of certain pollutants

● Contact with dissimilar metals

● Contact with certain acids, bases or salts

Choosing the right plating method and materials can have a big effect on corrosion and rust resistance. Physical vapor deposition can be an extremely effective way to prevent rust and corrosion on metal products. Metals such as aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium and iron are especially vulnerable to rust damage, which makes PVD coatings on products made from these materials even more important.

Because of its high corrosion and oxidation resistance, PVD has become a popular finishing for multitude of industries and applications. Physical vapor deposition is an environmentally sound process that can be applied directly on strong materials like stainless steel and titanium. Applying a corrosion resistant coating like PVD will enhance the chemical and wear resistance of products, as well as increase the durability and lifespan.

When corrosion and oxidation resistance is important, choose physical vapor deposition for metal coating and finishing. PVD coatings prevent unwanted rusting and increase the lifespan of metal products. 

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