Which kinds of heating methods of evaporation plating include

- Jul 17, 2020-

Which kinds of heating methods of evaporation plating include? What are the characteristics of each?

Heating methods can be divided into:
(1) Resistance heating (2) induction heating (3) electron beam heating (4) laser heating (5) arc heating. (2) Induction heating: High heating efficiency, fast heating and large heating capacity. (3) Electron beam heating: This heating method involves thousands of eV high-energy electrons being focused by a magnetic field and directly impacting the vaporized material. The temperature can be as high as 30000C. Its electrons come from two sources: hot electrons from hot metals, and from hollow cathode discharges. (4) Laser heating: The laser beam can be focused on the evaporation source by optics, generating local instantaneous high temperature to make it escape. The first USES were pulsed red laser, and then ultraviolet excimer lasers were developed. The advantage of ultraviolet ray is that the energy of each photon is much higher than that of infrared ray, so the power density of excimer laser is very high, which is similar to the function of electron beam. It is often used to cover complex compounds and the coating quality is very good. It is basically different from electron beam heating or sputtering process, the excimer laser is separated from the fine particles and the latter is separated as molecules. (5) Arc heating: The advantages of cathode arc deposition are: (1) rapid evaporation rate, up to 1.0 microns per second (2) substrate does not need to be heated (3) can be plated with high-temperature metal and ceramic compounds (4) coating density and high adhesion


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