Which Industries Need Vacuum Coating?

- Mar 22, 2018-

1. Application of coating technology in decoration

With economic development and improvement of living standards, people like to decorate the ornaments in colorful, such as watch case, watch band, clothing, lighting, spectacle rack, indoor and outdoor decoration, hardware case, mobile phone shell, mobile phone screen, sanitary ware and food packaging, etc.

2. Application of coating technology in metal cutting tools such as cutting tools and moulds

In life we will see golden, cobalt-copper, black, and other seven miscellaneous eight colored bits, milling cutters, moulds and so on. These are tools that have been processed by coating technology.

(1) Golden is coated with TiN, ZrN coating on the tools.

(2) Black is coated with TiC, CrN coating on the cutting tools.

(3) Cobalt-copper is coated with TiALN coating on the cutting tools.

3. Application of coating technology in building glass and automobile glass

The building glass has two basic functions of light transmission and heat insulation. Normal glass can radiate energy through most of the sun's rays, which is very beneficial to the lighting and absorption the energy of the sun. And for space infrared radiation, normal glass can prevent indoor heat from directly through the outside, but the heat is absorbed by the glass after the secondary heat dissipation can also cause a great loss. With the development of economy, ordinary glass has become more and more unable to meet people's demands. The solar control film and the low radiation film can make up for the deficiency of common glass in this aspect. The solar control film can meet the requirements of lowering the indoor temperature in low latitude areas; and the low-radiation film can meet the requirements of fully accepting solar radiation energy in the high-latitude regions and minimizing the outflow of indoor heat.

On the glass, plating a layer of TiO2 can make it anti-fog, anti-dew and self-cleaning glass. This process has a good application in automotive glass.

4. Application of coating technology in flat panel display

Various types of thin films are used for all kinds of flat panel displays, and almost all types of flat panel display devices need ITO films to meet the requirements of transparent electrical appliances.

5. Application of coating technology in solar energy utilization

When the solar energy is used effectively, it is necessary to consider adopting an absorption surface that absorbs more light from the sun and causes less loss due to heat radiation and the like. In order to make effective use of solar thermal energy, it is necessary to consider adopting an absorption surface with wavelength selective characteristics.

6. Application of coating technology in anti-counterfeit technology

There are many kinds of anti-fake film. According to the use of methods, it can be divided into reflection-type and transmission-type, and according to the adhesion method of membrane system it can be divided into direct coating type, indirect coating type or indirect coating type.

7. Application of coating technology in aircraft protective coating

The titanium alloy fastener of the aircraft was plated with cadmium by electroplating. However, hydrogen is contained in the cadmium plating, so during flight, it is corroded by atmosphere and rain. It is easy to produce cadmium brittleness on the coating, and even cause "air crash". In 1964, the problem of "cadmium brittleness" of aircraft parts was solved by plating aluminum on titanium alloy fasteners by ion plating. 

8. Application of coating technology in optical instrument

The familiar optical instruments include telescopes, microscopes, cameras, range finder, mirrors, eyeglasses, and magnifiers in daily necessities, all of which are inseparable from coating technology.

IKS has actively cooperated with domestic and foreign companies and scientific research institutes, and has made gratifying achievements in some more commonly used coating applications. The coating process can be used to coating the film with high hardness, thermal stability and chemical stability. And various physical vapor deposition coatings, such as TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, AlTiSiN,CrN, DLC, etc.