What’s reason will affect the ITO film coating by vacuum coating machine

- Feb 28, 2019-

What’s’ reason will affect the ITO film coating by vacuum coating machine


ITO films will have different characteristics in the process of splash plating, sometimes the surface finish is relatively low, pitting phenomenon, sometimes there will be a high corrosion interval zone.


During etching, there will also be linear radial scratches or high resistance bands, sometimes there will be microcrystalline groove.


The generation of various characteristics generally depends on the selection of target material and glass, the temperature and movement mode used during splash plating.


The current commonly used ITO target materials produced by calcining, is composed of indium oxide (In2O3) and tin oxide (SnO2) powder mixed according to certain proportion, usually mass ratio is 90% 10% In2O3 and SnO2, again after molding processing through a series of production processes, sintered at 1400 ~ 1600 high temperature oxygen, final formation of the dark grey ceramic semiconductor ITO (indium tin oxide,).


Generally, we can know the quality of ITO target material through appearance. Dark gray is the best. On the contrary, the darker the quality is, the worse it is.


Through research, in the process of vacuum coating machine film sputtering, using magnetron sputtering, basal temperature control at about 200 can guarantee more than 85% of the thin film under high visible light transmittance, lowest resistance rate, and film crystallinity with the increase of substrate temperature, the grain size is gradually increased.


More than 200 after transmission rate tend to be weakened; Using electron beam evaporation, along with the annealing temperature, grain size, surface topography uniform stability, more than 600 after particle sizes, shapes and small particles agglomeration phenomenon is serious, the membrane surface morphology.