What is the hardenability and hardening of steel

- Nov 02, 2019-

What is the hardenability and hardening of steel? What are the factors that affect the hardenability, hardness and depth of the hardenability of steel?

Hardenability: the hardenability of steel refers to the austenitized steel after quenching martensite ability, it reflects the stability of supercooled austenite, and the critical cooling speed of steel. Its size is expressed by the depth of the quench layer and hardness distribution of the steel obtained by quenching under certain conditions. Hardening: the hardening of steel refers to the hardening ability of austenitized steel during quenching, which is mainly determined by the carbon content in martensite, and is expressed by the highest possible hardness of martensite. Depth of quench layer: the depth of quench layer refers to the depth from the semi-martensite area to the surface of the workpiece measured when the steel is quenched under specific conditions. It is related to the hardenability of steel, the shape and size of workpiece, and the cooling capacity of quenching medium.