- Dec 10, 2018-

WHAT IS DECORATIVE PVD? Decorative PVD is a coating technology to deposit thin films with controlled thickness between 0.8 and 1.5 micron, deposited in a high vacuum chamber. An eco-friendly high-tech coating with deposition of titanium, zirconium, chromium and among other materials. These decorative hard-coating provide a scratch resistance, protection against corrosion, increase durability and a superior end-product, keeping the original product finish: matt, shiny, brushed or another

CHARACTERIZATION  Temperatures controlled between 190 to 300 ºC, not exceeding the supported limits of the substrate materials;  ABS Plastic deposition is performed at low temperature (about 80 °C);  High hardness (above 2000HV) six times higher than the typical hardness of the steel;  Improve scratch resistance;  Increase the operating lifetime of coated products;  Chemically inert and non-toxic;  Anallergic: protection of direct human contact with the metal substrate, preventing allergic reactions;  Compatibility with food industry and surgical instruments;  Environmentally-friendly coatings: non-polluting process;  Reduces coefficient of friction;  Superior adhesion and wear resistance than chromium plated or other electroplated/galvanic materials;  UV resistance;  Diversity and color reproducibility: suitable for serial production;  Flexibility for different component shapes, sizes and quantities;  Available on any desire surface finishing: polished, matt, satin or brushed;  Laser engraving is possible before or after the coating.

SUBSTRATE MATERIALS  Stainless steel, carbon steel,  Brass, aluminium, zamak, ABS plastic and ceramic CONSTRAINTS

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