What is chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

- Jul 21, 2020-

What is chemical vapor deposition (CVD)? What are the main strengths and weaknesses?

Chemical vapor deposition is a process in which one or more gases react on a heated solid substrate and a solid film is coated.
Advantages: (1) Vacuum degree requirement is not high, even can not need vacuum, such as thermal spraying (2) deposition rate is fast, atmospheric CVD can reach 1 m/min (3) compared with PVD. (4) Diversification of coating components, such as metal, non-metal, semiconductor, photoelectric material, diamond film (5) can be in complex shape of the substrate coating, and even into porous ceramics (6) good uniformity of thickness, low pressure CVD can even plating dozens of chips at the same time: (1) Thermodynamics and chemical reaction mechanism is not easy to understand or not very well understood (2) need to be carried out at high temperature, some substrate can not bear, and even with the coating film effect (3) reaction gas may be corrosive, toxic or explosive, treatment should be careful (4) reaction products may remain on the coating, become impurities (5) substrate cover is difficult.


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